April 10
Everybody gets bugged by something... Spam in your inbox, people keeping secrets, racists, pen-clickers, stress, dead electronics, name-calling... SO, write a rant poem today. Go ahead and get out your anger

Aaron B

Dead technology

The technology is dieing.
I can't believe it is going to die.
Not now while I am doing a report.
I can't find my charger.
I beg of you to let me type.
Don't give me a black screen!
No, it is gone.
But, but why?

The Honey name
By: Sara C

Do you want to know what I absolutely HATE?
I hate it when people who are like one year older than you call you honey
SOmetimes people who are younger than you call you honey
I was at a restaurant and some girl in her 20’s called a 40 year old Hon’
I don’t think anyone likes being called honey, because why would you want to be called something that comes off of bees feet and is sticky
I certainly don’t want to be called a sticky foot food
It’s even worse when they have a high squeaky voice
I hate it when people call me hon’!!!!!!!!!

Rant poem:
Emma G
“Pen clickers”

Pen clicking is not needed.
Are people really feeling this annoyance inside?
Can these pen clickers EVER stop in the future?
I feel bad for the people next to them.
Seriously people,
Pen clicking?! You are driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Lauren C

Do you hate it
when people hate your
friends that are of
different races?
Then they're all like
"oh, why are you here"
or "oh, you won't be able
to afford this" when it's
a different race doctor or
something! I hate it!
People need to not be
racist because we are all
created equal! Yes, we used
to have slaves and things
but that's called HISTORY!
Now all of us are equal so
stop being racist!
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By Ellie C

is serious business.
You call different ethnicities names,
you might as well be messin’ with me!
I’m small but somewhat mighty!
I could take ya…
But I’m not giving up.
Not yet. J

By: Mallory F

There I was just sitting there
Waiting patiently
asking every five minutes
coach can you put me in now
No you played bad
last game so why put you in
Everyone has bad days don't they
not in soccer they don't
plus I put you in the whole game
last week don't you remember
yes coach i remember
fine but if they lose
it's not my fault!

By: Mina A

I hate when people click their pens like crazy
When we work on homework or a test
All they do is click and click and still they never rest
They click pens on a desk
And click them on a chair
You can't get away from them
Not at school and not at the store
Because over here and over there
Ugh! Pen-clickers everywhere!

charlie b

Can Indy just eat his carrots!
Yes I am aware that he is a lizard
And yes I am also aware that he may not like carrots
But seriously he has to throw them around his cage!
Who does that!
Indy apparently
But why can`t he eat carrots they`re good for him and they are tasty-ish
He is such a picky lizard.

not now no no no (Low Battery)
Stupid phone
ok ok lets try the computer
oh... wait the computers being fixed
ummm... EJ's computer
Don't call me an IDIOT
your the one that left your computer lying around.

By, Sarah Ki

Stress drives us all crazy
To me everyone gets stress but sometimes they don't even know it
Revealing your inner self one might say, but no
Everyone gets it it like love but not it irresistible
Some say they don't have .
it which drive me crazy
Say what you have to say, but everyone has STRESS

Rant poem
Nikhil P

“I’m always right! You’re always wrong! Nothing will stop me from being the smartest person in the world!”
Wait a second…what did I just hear? What’s this about someone always being right?
Someone can’t always be right. Besides, they sound like a supervillan bent on world domination.
It’s impossible to get these people away from this world!
There can’t be these people on this planet!
Send them to Mars or something!

(sorry... this is opposite of a rant... but it wouldn't get out of my head!)
Grandpa at Westlake
Ms. Filas

I remember the feel of slippery blue gill

the color of sunsets gasping in my hands,

and the smell of Off and sweat and of

the mossy water that held up our rowboat,

and the feel of float cushions under my

sunburned thighs, and how the dusk time

lake surface reminded me of viscous oil

thickly predicting the soon-coming night,

and the kind of quiet with you that was not

an absence of words but presence.

Sarah Kr-4/10/12
People Acting Like They Know the Character

Just please, please stop
Don’t act like you know them personally,
Why? Because you don’t!
Sure, you can relate
But it sounds really cocky-
When you talk about them like that….

Emma G



It's the spammers!

They are the worst things ever.

They never let you talk. Ever.


They are always trying to crash the server with their spammer app! ALWAYS!

They say the most stupid things ever!

The only thing worse is a greifer and a spammers working together!

By: Olivia O

Oh my gosh! Eew!
What's wrong with you?
You gave me a pencil that's chewed to a nub,
I'd rather fight with a bear cub.
Your gross spit, from the eraser it drips,
Because this pencil has passed through your lips.
Your sick teeth germs are all over my hand,
Chewed pencils should really be banned.