April 11

Write a poem today in which you involve all five senses: . It might help to think of an experience or an image you remember that sticks with you. Maybe you write about eating a piece of cake. Maybe you write about how it felt to sail across the ocean. Or maybe you write about a cold day snow skiing..

Boogie boarding
By: Lauren C

I smell the ocean.
Its aroma is so over powering that
I just want to sleep.
I get on my Boogie board and ride a wave.
(ACK PHEEW) I just swallowed the salty ocean water.
The sound is so magnificent.
The water crashing on the shore.
So peaceful.
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Knee Board
By: Sara C

I see the boat a head of me
Wight and black
The water is cold and soothing on my feet and legs
The boat goes and I climb on and strap myself in
I hear my parents tell me to do a turn
I get really scared
I start to do the turn and I get water in my mouth and it tastes like poop
It even smells like poop
I do the turn and everyone cheers
Yay! Yay!

Aaron B

When I use the ski lift to get up,
I see the journey ahead of me.
The cold freezing smell freezes the nostrils.
I hear the snow scattering side to side.
When I go through ice I hear a cutting sound.
The snow feels like shaved ice.
The taste of the hot chocolate after skiing,
is irresistible.

Tropical Storm
By Ellie C

We are being splashed
and splashed and splashed
Time and time again
The airs sweet scent has gone
It has turned salty
And so has the taste on my tongue
The boat’s soaring through the air and…
It landed right back
where it should’ve stayed
I’m gripping the boats rail
with all my might
It feels of roughness but
Slipperiness too
And now---

The Senses
By: Mina A

I remember when I first went jet skiing
Smelling the salt in the bright blue lake
Seeing the waves splash around ahead of me
Hearing the birds speak
Feeling the hot sun shine brightly
And tasting the humid air above and around me...

By: Cyrus B

Some many people gone
It feels like were alone
Two are missing in a
Small small class that makes it

Sarah K-4/11/12
Five Senses
I love the cold,
Not the 50 degree cold,
The 30 degree cold
How it feels on my face-
The freezing wind
Blowing against me
You can almost taste it in the air
It’s a smell that’s indescribable
I see the trees swaying, snow falling,
Yet no one outside, for it’s “Too cold!!!”
I rub my hands together, but I can’t feel them-
Too numb to even feel

charlie b
the mystery

The smell, oh, how dreadful
It feels rough and spikey
I`m not even going to bother tasting it!
I hear it! “Squak, squak”
What could it be!!!!
Oh, it`s Indy

Stupid Skunk
By: Elise S

Bump Bump Screech, Red light
Green light Bump Cough Wheeze
Elora put your shoes on
Bump Bump Screech, Traffic Jam
EWWWWWWW Elora we told you to
put your shoes ON
OH that ain't your feet its a skunk
Yuck it tastes nasty

My Birthday
By: Olivia O

The taste of toothpaste in my mouth,
My eyes linger on a present and two cards.
I smell morning coffee.
The wrapping paper is smooth,
And it crunches in my hands.
The sounds of Hoops and Yoyo,
Play out of a card.
As I open the card made out of the roll of paper,
I see, it is a certificate,
For an account on Minecraft.
I open the tall, skinny gift,
And I feel plastic casing.
It's a hammock chair!
What a great birthday morning.

Mystery Pie
By: Mallory F

I'm thick and creamy
I have a long yellow fruit in me
I taste like heavenly delicousness
When people hit me I go plop
And I look yellow and white in just plain sight
And I feel soft and smooth
Can you guess what I am?....
Banana Cream Pie
Yum Yum

Nikhil P
Senses poem

Running In The Cold

On your mark!
I crouch down into my block to get ready for the race.
I feel the cold and hard track, as I get ready for the race.
Get set!
I look forward, and I see the crowd cheering.
It’s loud, but I try to focus on the race.
It’s cold, and my muscles are tensing.
I’m so rigid that I bite down on my tongue.
It’s exhilarating, the way the wind blows with my body, as I sprint as fast I can to the finish line.
I feel and adrenaline rush as I surge into the finish. Finally the race is done. My body aches, and I can taste blood in my mouth, I feel good.

The Sense of Skiing
By, Sarah Ki

Bump, Fall-
There I go
Bump, Fall
Try again
Bump, Jump
Fly away
Bump Steady
Bump Fall-
Oh no here I come to Hurtsville

GRASS by michael t

when I go out side I see grass,

sometimes I don't just see it.

sometimes I smell it but I don't just see it and smell it.

I can sometimes taste it without eating it.

I don't just see it, smell it, and taste it.

I can also feel it, i can see it, smell it, taste it, and feel it.


Emma G.

I can see the waves dancing as I walk closer
I can almost taste the swimming fish in the water
As I walk closer to the open ocean I feel wet sand in my toes
When I'm really close to the edge I smell the... beachyness
As I walk away with all memories I hear the waves and spashes of the water
saying goodbye