April 12
Today's prompt is a fun on! Pick an advertising slogan from a print ad, radio ad, or from television that you encounter throughout the day. Pick one slogan/catchphrase or a brief selection of advertising copy and incorporate it into a poem, without mentioning the object or service being markete

Lauren C

Nationwide is on your side!
Always there for you.
Together forever.
In thick and thin. For better
Or for worse
Is really weird so
Do you like Nationwide?
Everyone does!
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Good to the Last Drop
By: Mina A

Ahhhh… good to the last drop
The different beans and flavors make my tongue tingle
It has such rich flavors that makes me crazy for more
There are eight gourmet varieties of goodness
So satisfying i keep going back for more

(Maxwell House Coffee)

By Ellie C.

Nationwide is on your side
or so they say!
I don't believe them...
we never hang out so
how can they be in my side
what about...
the other side!

Sarah Kr.
Walmart Slogan

Save Money.
On what? PRETZELS?
Live Better.
I’ve been waiting for sooo long-
Thank GOODNESS for Walmart

“The snack that smiles back, goldfish!”

By: Sara C

Can you guess what it is?
It’s orange,
kinda fishy,
And yummy!
If that didn’t help here it is!
“The snack that smiles back, goldfish!

By, Sarah Ki

Between love and madness lies Obsession.
Obsession is when you want everything
Having Obsession might be like not having your Lesson
Between love and madness lies Obsession.
When you have obsession it might be like Aggression
Everyone has an Obsession, from school to flowers
Between love and madness lies Obsession.
Obsession is when you want everything

(Calvin Klein's Obsession)

The best part about waken up is that Folgers's in your cup
By: Mallory F

The best part about waken up is
that Folgers's in your cup
The swush of the coffee
The great smell
Everyone get up
And get ready for the day
Cause we are gonna go out and play
(Folgers coffee)


Your man is cool.
He has a beautiful car.
He is very athletic.
He has money for you.
You need him.
You need everything he has.
Try not to lose him.
It's your only hope

"Regular Show. It's anything but."
By: Olivia O

Weird, different characters,
On a Cartoon Network show.
Each episode different,
With a funny plot line.
I could just watch and watch,
A pretty good show.

Nikhil P Slogan poem

Have a break. Have a Kit Kat.
Oh my Goodness!
Please stop taunting me!
I swear I’ll axe the TV the next time that stupid commercial comes on.
I just hate diets.
It’s so hard to limit my self to only 10 candy bars a day.
Well, maybe I can limit it to 15 bars.
Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

Nationwide poem:
Emma G.

When you are sad,
Nationwide is on your side.
When you are in a fight,
Nationwide is on your side.
When you have bad insurance,
You switch to Nationwide.
‘Cause they’re on your side!!!

Red Robin
Elise S

Me: OMG look at that ...
Him: why are you staring at that...OMG
Me: I know right
Him YUM!

SC Johnson
Cyrus B.

SC Johnson a family company
or is it
their probaly corupt
SC Johnson a buisiness owend company
its owned by me

By-Michael T.
The epic Minecraft
Minecraft is just so epic,
But only because of Notch (the creator of Minecraft)
Well and Mojang but still Notch is superior,
So my point is Notch is the reason Minecraft is the best game ever, And he was just born epic.