April 13

Use Wallace Stevens's poem to inspire you to write your own "13 Ways of Looking at a __"--- choosing something to look at something.

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

IAmong twenty snowy mountains,The only moving thingWas the eye of the blackbird.
III was of three minds,Like a treeIn which there are three blackbirds.

IIIThe blackbird whirled in the autumn winds.It was a small part of the pantomime.
IVA man and a womanAre one.A man and a woman and a blackbirdAre one.
VI do not know which to prefer,The beauty of inflectionsOr the beauty of innuendoes,The blackbird whistlingOr just after.

VIIcicles filled the long windowWith barbaric glass.The shadow of the blackbirdCrossed it, to and fro.The moodTraced in the shadowAn indecipherable cause.
VIIO thin men of Haddam,Why do you imagine golden birds?Do you not see how the blackbirdWalks around the feetOf the women about you?
VIIII know noble accentsAnd lucid, inescapable rhythms;But I know, too,That the blackbird is involvedIn what I know.
IXWhen the blackbird flew out of sight,It marked the edgeOf one of many circles.

XAt the sight of blackbirdsFlying in a green light,Even the bawds of euphonyWould cry out sharply.

XIHe rode over ConnecticutIn a glass coach.Once, a fear pierced him,In that he mistookThe shadow of his equipageFor blackbirds.
XIIThe river is moving.The blackbird must be flying.

XIIIIt was evening all afternoon.It was snowingAnd it was going to snowThe blackbird satIn the cedar-limbs.

13 ways to look at a cloud
By Sara C

1. When it is hot outside there is always one to shade you
2. If you are feeling down there is always one to give you inspiration
3. If you want to know the future, look at the color
white & fluffy= sunny
Light and wispy= hot
dark & large= storm
4. In your dreams, they are like pillows
5. When you really need a day off, they can give you a crazy snow storm, or a power out
6. They are not always good, you know
7. When you really want to have a picnic, you can get rained out
8. They can be anything you want them to be
9. When you get really hungry they will look like food to taunt you
10. I wish I was one, I would fly around and poop out snow flakes
11. Cats, dogs, bunnies with elephant trunks, anything you can imagine
12. Sometimes when you are on an airplane they will block your view
13. they are clouds, you know the big floaty white thing in the air

13 ways to look at the Creatures of the UnderworldBy Ellie C
1. The Uglies
are far beneath the surface
being nothing
nothing but worthless
2. The Creatures down below
are harmless
harmless and heartless
3. These things
are Beauties
Not on the outside but the inside
4. The Beasts
are not to be trusted
they are dangerous
I am disgusted

5. These so called Monsters
Want love
and they want that from us
the above

6. The Critters below
are out friends
they don't like to get hurt
we should make amends

7. We need Their help
Why, everyone asks
they are powerful
with impressive masks

8. These Beings will ruin the world
and we will be their slaves
they will force us to do things
such as dig our own graves

9. We could live with these souls here
they are not of any threat
we could get to the point of peace
and they would pay off their debt

10.Everyone could kill all the Bodies down their
we have to do what we have to do
I mean, I want to feel safe
How 'bout you

11. We could keep Them as pets
and treat them like our own
we would be responsible
until they would be full grown

12. I could absolutely not love these Fiends
after what they have done to us
Kill them
Kill them by all means

13. Stop
don't you see
we could all live with harmony
Now, was that so hard to agree

Thirteen ways to look at cookiesBy: Lauren CWARNING: BEFORE READING THIS PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MAY BE OFFENED WITH YOUR COOKIE CHOICE. THIS IS THE WRITER’S OPINION.1.Chocolate chip is creamy gooey delightness with a crunchy hard shell
2.Pumpkin Butterscotch the perfect mix of both for the decorative Halloween
3.Sugar cookies are just want Santa ordered for all the kids to give that night
4.Double chocolate chip is even chocolatier for the people with one bad sweet tooth
5.Almonds some places never have the right mix of Almond and cookie
6.Almond pecan cookies in my opinion have to many nuts
7.Almond oatmeal cookies have the two things I hate the most when eating cookies
8.Oatmeal raisin cookies are just one bad thing to the other
9.Mint cookies are always fabulous with the mint chocolate flavor in there
10.Pecan cookies are the saltiest thing I ever tasted
11.Oatmeal cookies taste like rock hard bitterness
12.Floor cookie, never the best when eaten but make a nice trick on the parents13.Peanut butter cookies! The best ever! I love them!!!!! Best ever and my opion is the only one that matters because this is my poem.
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13 ways of looking at a Chihuahua
charlie b
I. You can clearly see their joyous faces
Oh, those evil little demons

II. As they tromp through the house
Declaring war
On all who challenge them.

III. Thinking they are the boss
Putting themselves first
With no common courtesy

IV. They think they are bigger than everyone else
In the long run the only part of them
Bigger than everyone else
Is their mouth

V. Yip yap yip yap yip yap etc.
Why must you be so loud

VI. They are the loudest little pests ever
In fact name one more annoying creature

VII. Why must you be so loud
Is it for attention?
If so why?

VIII. You can only hear them
You can`t hear anything else

IX. I see their crazy little hypo-energetic faces
Like a million razor sharp knives
Put together into a face

X. They`re little time bombs, waiting to go off
And ruin the world as we know it

XI. They are so adorable
And that`s how they will win

XII. But don`t let them deceive you
Inside they are heartless monsters
Waiting to eat you

XIII. They are evil
Pure evil

13 Ways to Look at SHOES
By: Elise S
Overwhelmed am I,
as i walk into the store

They are leather
yet graceful like
a ballerina

They are your personality
with out them you may as well
be stuck at the bottom of a hole
with no one to rescue you

They have evolved over time
the same as everything else in
this world

Some choose to 2 pairs
others to have 222 pairs

To some a new pair of shoes
is all they need to make their
day brighter

They have traveled the globe
they have even made it to space

They can be seen on pigs
and on dogs

OHH...Shoe make my fat
feet look good

They can be used for the hunting
of innocent bugs

They can "SNEEK"
or "Wedge" their way
into things

They can leave a mark
if you call 911 and the
door is locked

Most of all the can be

Thirteen different ways to look at wild weird and elder friends
By: Cyrus B
I.Man and a beats alike
II.Differences no matter as they share the pipe
III.Friends with the weird Charlie and the
elder Nikhil
IV.Together they learn ways of the wild
V.The wild Aaron is one with the pregnant squirrel
VI.they all differ from each other
VII.When they are gone the wild Aaron
seeks shelter
VIII.The elder Nikhil asks the gods why
IX.The weird Charlie mutters in his den
X.And the wild Cyrus is confused
XI.The mine craft Michael is trapped in his world
building block to get out
XII.As the day finishes
XIII.Yet again
they sleep

Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Cantbury Bunny Wabbit
By: Mallory F

1.A human wants to be it
A dog wants to be it
All the animals want to be it
but only one can be it.
2.He makes chocolate delicious
And he outsmarts everyone
in the chocolate field
even Willy Wonka.
3. The chocolate is soo delicious
everyone wants to steel it
When people get it for Easter
it's gone in a week.
4. The bunny is in the house
Everyone will say that when they see him
5. One day someone will steel him
because he make the chocolate soo delicious
6. The bunny will never be seen again
lets not let that happen
7. Every animal will dress like him
with the ears and everything
8. before we know it
every animal will be hopping around
9.I think we will all go.....
10. Now all the animals
will look like the bunny
11. No more ducks or dogs
no more cats or frogs
all of them will just be
12. All of the animals
will also be carrying around
baskets full of them
13. Don't you think
these animals are very creepy
Yep very creepy!

by- michael t
thirteen ways of looking at school

school is always so cold
its like jail.

some people think school is like heaven
really like heaven where God lives.

school is like a trapped in a room of only words
And writing. (i hate those two things)

the only thing good about school is when its over

but at times it is fun like the first day of school,
but only because there are games

there is like nothing else good about school.

its so scary

i like school but only if i don't have any home work

home work is the worst thing ever

then at times i love school
but only if it is a good day

the teachers some times make school better
but not always

school is fun some times like the last day of school
school is fun and bad

Aaron B
13 ways to look at Space

Endless as it can be.
You can go in any direction.
Dark and vacant,
Like an abandoned town.
The Sun so hot.
You can feel the rays of light.
All the little lights,
Are like night lights.
The explosions are silents.
They make light but not sound.
Lonely of sound,
Space is nothing.
Nothing to hold you back,
You could never be seen again.
May things to discover,
Like finding a new species a day.
A sucking force of the black hole.
Like getting sucked by a tornado.
Looking at space from a planet is different than what space really is.
no air, no life.
Nothing is here.
There is much to learn
Space is littered,
Try not to litter the future.

Sarah Kr-4/13/12
13 Ways to Look at Life

1. It can be your best friend,
Or your worst enemy

2. It can give you everything,
Or give you nothing at all

3. Life can be very, very simple-
Or extremely complex
Easy as pie,
Or impossible.

4. It can be like a bumpy rollercoaster,
Or a round Ferris wheel
Always doing new things,
Or repeating every day

5. You can change whenever you want,
Or be too afraid-
Never seeing what it’s like,
to be in someone else’s shoes.

6. You can live with regret,
Or apologize-
And move on with life.

7. You could hold a grudge-
or forgive and forget,
living every day to the fullest.

8. You can be anxious about tomorrow
Or be thankful for today,

9. Never take chances,
or take to many,
and not be able to take it back.

10. You can be worried about tomorrow,
Or take every day as it comes

11. You can accept every one,
Or accept no one

12. It can be a learning experience-
or a “prove you wrong” experience.

13. It’s a Journey,
And you’ll turn out fine!!

13 Ways of Looking at Friday the 13th
By: Olivia O

1. I shiver as a black cat roams.
It is Friday the 13th,
Bad as the bad luck you'll get.

2. It is a good thing too,
If it doesn't find you.
Watch out.

3. Ladders and black cats,
The dark cloud is over us,
Waiting to rain and pour.

4. Seven years of bad luck,
Make sure you don't look for it,
Or you will get it.
Be smart.

5. Supposed to be spring,
But instead,
A day worse than a calamity.
Try to calm it down.

6. Sometimes the dark powers...
Of Friday the 13th,
Can be reversed.

7. Good luck could possibly happen,
But I wouldn't be too sure.
It might make it worse than sticky tar.

8. A towering test,
Long, boring, or scary for some,
Is hovering,
Watching, waiting.

9. The clock is ticking,
It's almost over,
But don't relax yet,
The cloud is still here.

10. Oh no!
You have the dreadful bad luck of the 13th.
Don't worry, it will only last seven years.

11. Ding, ding, ding.
The bells are ringing,
It's almost over.

12. Don't smile,
The 13th is still here.

13. I tricked you!
Today was Thursday!

13 ways to look at Me
By, Sarah Ki

I am tall
As tall as a tree
Well maybe

I can be sneaky
as bear
I'm not at all sneaky

I am sassy
Like a bird
or maybe a cat

I can get mad
As mad as a boar

I am gentle
as gentle as a puppy

I care
like a mother
not like a brother

I can hate
hate like a hater
not too much

I get stressed
as stressed as a

I am fashionable
fashionable like
a fashionista

I can love
love as love
can ever get

I am like
Just me
I am unique

I am different
like unicorns

Me oh my
I'll never be
the same

Nikhil P
Thirteen ways of looking at a War

In the air, I’m soaring.
Scanning the sky for mechanical prey.
Faster and faster, and faster I climb as a look through the never-ending sky.
Finally, I spot something.
It’s a glint of metal just asking to be found.
I dive as fast as I can into what will be one of the most exhilarating moments of my life.

I’m the ninja of the modern day.
A sniper’s job is to be as stealthily as possible.
I will do just that.
As I slowly make my way through the rugged mountainous landscape, No one will notice me.
Dressed in black, and moving as cautiously as anyone can be, I make my way across the land.
No one will find me as I slowly, carefully, and ever so stealthily make my way through the mountains.

I dash across the battlefield. I hear blasts and shouts as I bravely rush into the fight.
None are staying still.
Everyone is doing what they do best.
I’m sore and tired, but I know what I need to do.
No one can stop me from fighting until my last breath.
I’m sure everyone wants what I do too.

This is the best job.
Manning a ship is hard, but it is worth it.
As we steer the ship over endless expansions of sea, we are an unstoppable force.
We are a team finely tuned to do the best we can do at any spoken time or place.
Enemies should steer clear of our path.
They do not want to meet us in battle

My squad and I swim as fast I can to the beaches.
We are an unstoppable force.
We are the best of the best of the Special Forces.
We are getting closer.
We are closer to the firestorm waiting to happen.

I am part of a massive force.
It’s a gigantic battalion of massive tanks.
The tanks are 70 tons each.
Large cannons jut out of the front, and fire at the slightest determent.
Nothing can stop us.

I’m not to well known.
I’m just the computer guy.
But without me, the military can’t run.
I’m the brain of the operation. (It’s a lot cooler than it sounds.)

The cargo door is open.
I stare out and I see the ground.
It’s so far away.
I check my parachute, and I take a breath.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Clear!
That’s my cue.
I close my eyes, and jump….

Being the planner sounds like a boring job, but its not.
I’m the one who maps out the invasion.
It’s not possible without me.

I am part of the infantry.
My unit and I march into battle.
We are all brave and prepared.
Nothing can stop us.

It’s the classic job of the military.
Driving a battle truck is one of the best jobs ever.
However, it’s also one of the most dangerous.
One bullet through the front of the truck, and I’m done for.
It doesn’t matter though because I’m prepared for the task.

The war prison is depressing.
Sometimes I feel like just falling down and going to sleep…
Oh wait; it’s just my imagination.
Well, at least now I’m awake!

I’m the head of it all.
(Well, besides the president)
I’m the 5 star commander general.
I make all of the decisions.
Everyone relies on me.
I feel proud.

Thirteen ways of looking at air-
Emma G.

1.It keeps us alive
Air does
Breathe it in.

2. You breathe it when young
You breathe it in when old
All living creatures breathe it in.

3. Air is the difference
Between life or death
At this time where it matters most.

4. But as time goes on
Where deep into the future
The future where air is ruined.

5. The air gets polluted
With factory smog
Filling the air.

6. Smoggy air filling the world
The world at a terrible fate
Because of the smoggy air.

7. As time goes on the smoggy air
Becomes toxic
The air becoming more toxic by the minute.

8. As people of the future
Torture the polluted air
The air polluted and toxic
With the reek of a painful death.

9. Of not being able to breathe the freshness the air had to offer
Of young children of our children can’t breathe
That they can’t live a full healthy life.
But suffering and dying because of lack of clean air.

10. Suffering to get one last breath of air
Not good air
But toxic, polluted, smoggy air.

11. As our children die
As lack of air comes to their brain
Polluting golden air comes back to haunt us.

12. The air can be a beautiful thing
But when polluted
Can be very deadly to our loved ones.

13. But… there is one way to prevent this
In our time
Don’t pollute the air and the Earth and this won’t happen.