And our prompt for today is based on the idea of a picture being worth a thousand words — but since this is poetry, we’ll have to take the words. I’ve posted three pictures below, all loosely based around the idea of the ocean. Pick one, and write a poem inspired by it. Or if none of these appeal, the wonderful world of Google can provide you with images a-plenty. Or perhaps you have a photograph of your own you’d like to write about. (Hat Tip to Tony and Shannon Mancus!)
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Happy poeming!

By: Mina A

The ocean around me breathes with life
Neon fish swim around me
While I eat plants and small snails and worms
My hard shell protects me from all my predators
With the help of my flippers I fly through the water like the king of the ocean
For I am a turtle

By: Elise Katherine S
external image nature-beautiful-8.jpg?w=500&h=358

Is it friend or foe
Is it Bill or Joe
OH...its my shadow
It is always there when I need it
It is my supporting cast
It helps when I fall
It picks up when I call
It is my Best Friend

!st picture
By: Olivia O

So slow,
I am starving.
I've been slithering for days,
This journey is so long.
It never ends.
I think I'll pass out.
This trip is so long...
Across the room.

The Butt
By: Sara C

What do you think it is?

I don’t know?

Maybe it’s a shark!

A shark?

Ya like a really big shark!

No I think it’s a...... butt!

A butt?

Ya, I heard some people talking about their butts getting loose from their dock., whatever a dock is

Oh I think I know what you mean.


A Boat, B-O-A-T

No I am pretty sure it’s a but

Ok then, whatever

1st picture.
By: Lauren C
external image The-Insignificant-Snail-2.jpg
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTr2GOclxmHDLmktF4mt4vyolrMbRVUwzutX2EhDsWn7iuVvsEcFA
Looking out upon the ocean's floor
I see my cousin, aunt, uncle, and parents
WHOOSH!!!! OH NO!!!!
My family was swept away by the water!
(Indiana Jones Theme song)
Just Kidding!
They all held on to the coral next to them!
Yay! Now we're a family again!
(other snails) We don't know who you are.
(1st Snail) Oh...
Well I'm of to find my real family.
(Indiana Jones Theme song)

Sarah K
Life through a Marble
Living in a world-
Larger than life
Everything reflecting off you,
Yet people still don’t see it
See what?
They don’t see the beauty-
The beauty of the world around them
From the perspective-
Of one who sees everything

By Ellie C

I remember Him
And He was never ever grimm
We were always in the ocean
But the day things started going bad there was so much commotion
I remember how the waves took us right from our canoes
And how He got that gigantic bruise
I remember He’s dead
Now no one lies in His bed

Nikhil P Picture poem Blurry photo

Hoooooney, somethin’s wrong with me.
Everything’s really blurry.
Yooouuu looook liiike a man.
Where are we?
Um, Are we on the mountains?
No honey, we’re on the beach.
Uhhh, I’m feelin a little light heeadded.
I, I’m feelin a little sleepy,
Night darlin’.
You need to take some more pain meds.
Waaait, that juuust maaakes things blurry!!!
There we go, you’ll feel better soon.

Aaron B

Lost in a corner,
Shriveling up.
Helpless as can be.
Getting ready to go.
Here comes a breeze.
The leaf so light of hunger,
Is gone with the wind.

The Shadow Man
2nd picture
By: Mallory F

I am the Shadow man
I where black all the time
I Blend in everywhere and
By night fall i'm dead
by sunrise I awaken
People don't see me
Because I am
The Shadow Man

The Snail. . .
By, Sarah Kilroy

The Snail, da snaillll, there art the snail
The snail is slow, the snail is fast
the snail has it's own art of fatness
The Snail, da snaillll, there art the snail

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT4srmYkDF5oJXtxrPmznSauop2FXHatSbo8dYKFYKHM3hCA7CAsg
By: Emma G.
The rain stops
It is still wet
So from the trees there are water drops
So the water droplets fall and on the leave they are set
The drips and nature is beautiful
As if mother nature has slowed down time to capture this moment
You have to stop and think to remember this is real
I will keep this moment in my heart forever.


the outdoors is epic
because of its location
it has many creatures
thats one reason
its also peaceful
and also quiet.
when I hear the birds
its like they are singing to me.
i love seeing the green on the branches
of the trees.
when a tree falls
and no one is there, does it make a sound.