Today's poem lets you do something you're always told NOT to do... brag!

That's right. Think of something that's amazing and great about YOU and write a poem expressing how totally fabulous YOU are!

Check out Nikki Giovanni's amazing take on this:

Ego Tripping (there may be a reason why)

I was born in the congo
I walked to the fertile crescent and built
the sphinx
I designed a pyramid so tough that a star
that only glows every one hundred years falls
into the center giving divine perfect light
I am bad

I sat on the throne
drinking nectar with allah
I got hot and sent an ice age to europe
to cool my thirst
My oldest daughter is nefertiti
the tears from my birth pains
created the nile
I am a beautiful woman

I gazed on the forest and burned
out the sahara desert
with a packet of goat's meat
and a change of clothes
I crossed it in two hours
I am a gazelle so swift
so swift you can't catch me

For a birthday present when he was three
I gave my son hannibal an elephant
He gave me rome for mother's day
My strength flows ever on

My son noah built new/ark and
I stood proudly at the helm
as we sailed on a soft summer day
I turned myself into myself and was
men intone my loving name
All praises All praises
I am the one who would save

I sowed diamonds in my back yard
My bowels deliver uranium
the filings from my fingernails are
semi-precious jewels
On a trip north
I caught a cold and blew
My nose giving oil to the arab world
I am so hip even my errors are correct
I sailed west to reach east and had to round off
the earth as I went
The hair from my head thinned and gold was laid
across three continents

I am so perfect so divine so ethereal so surreal
I cannot be comprehended except by my permission

I mean...I...can fly
like a bird in the sky...

By: Lauren C.

I can eat and eat until
there is no more food.
Well, at least i finished
all my food but the fat guy
didn't! Great now i feel cubby.
but i can eat and eat until there
is no more! i love food love love love
food! I can eat anything in the world
(eccept foods i don't like)
But anyway i love love love food.
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My Beautiful fashion!
By: Sara C

When I walk in the room everyone stares!
With my awesome shoes, hair, and clothes!
No one can look better than me!
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple!
I can make them all look good!

Nikhil P
Brag Poem, Hehehehe….

I am like a robot.
No body in the world has the memory that I do.
There’s so much that I can remember.
My brain will burst from my head (gross) because it’s to full.
I remember everything.
No one can remember things like entire songs and their notes, whole books, and even dictionaries on sight.
I can remember dances, football plays, scores to every game that I see, names of people, and the list goes on and on!

I am superhuman.
I can run 10 miles in a full sprint and still have enough energy to bench press 100 pounds 100 times. With my little finger! In a sandstorm!

No body can concentrate like me.
I can memorize whole books in a busy New York street at rush hour!
Once, I fried a hole in someone’s head because I concentrated too hard.
I have to be put on restraints when I do surgeries because my concentration power will kill the patient.

I’m the military’s secret weapon.
They call upon me for the tough jobs.
I single-handedly finished a mission for the Navy, so they wouldn’t have to do it.
I know all of the names of the soldiers! Even the secret ones!
The only reason I retired was because the other countries were too devastated from my fighting.
I figured they needed a break from fighting.

My Blue Eyes
By Ellie C

My blue blue eyes
Are the bestest of kinds
They speak to you like no other
And if I lose one, don’t worry, I have another
My blue eyes are bluer than water
Bluer than any of your daughters
I look in the mirror and what do I see
I see a big riveting sea that’s what I see
And I mean come on
I look like a Katy Perry spawn! :D

Awesome Artist
By: Olivia O

I inspired Picasso to be an artist.
My strokes come to life.
I showed Da Vinci how to paint the Mona Lisa.
Monet would've never made his water lillies without me.
Van Gogh's brushes would've never touched the canvas if it wasn't for me.
I taught Matisse to express himself.
Watch my colors fly.
I was Edvard Munch's teacher when he made the scream.
Degas couldn't have painted the ballerinas without my help.
I am THE artist.

By: Elise S

I am so fly I can't come down from that big open sky
Boys and Girls everywhere stop and stare at my
Perfect hair.
Thats me in the tutu walking down the street
With out my tutu I just wouldn't be complete.
My nails are perfection
And aren't when they aren't.
I am done.
now praise me again!

Me and My Song
By, Sarah Ki

Well I can walk like peacock,
I can talk like a somebody,
But I can sing
Like nobody could before

Some people say they are emperors
Or Goddesses, and stuff like that
But what I am capable of is more than that

I can sing better than no one else
I can make a song on spot
I can memorize in seconds
I am better than a dictator
I am a Singer.

My Shoes
By: Mina Afkhami

Ha Ha sucks for you
you can't have shoes like me!
With neon shoelaces
and sparkles all over
who can have shoes like mine
not you of course
the shimmer when I want
and change colors with my mood
there! can you beat that?
they frown when i'm mad and smile and laugh when i'm happy
nobody's shoes can beat that
they can make me fly
i'll fly away
like I said
Ha can you beat that?

Sarah K
My Hair

Long, luscious, curly
Flows in the wind-
Like a flag
Or a bird
It’s so majestical,
You might think it’s a wig-
Or extensions, but NO
It’s all Sarah
Me, my hair, and I
It’s like a personal assistant-
That keeps me warm in the Winter
I’ve never warn a scarf one day of my life before
You know why?
Because I have-
Long, Luscious, curly Hair

Aaron Bermingham

You can't catch me.
I'm to swift.
Hear my blades,
All sharp and crisp.
I am lightning.

Everything goes past me.
Try to beat me.
You probably couldn't.
I'm fast as lightning.

Brag Poem
Emma G.
Swimming is the best
I love it so much
I’m the swimmer
The best swimmer ever
When I dive in to the water at the ring of the bell
The crowd throws me diamonds
I step on the diving block
People hoot my name
When I finish my race
I always come in first
When I come in first,
People clap and rap my name
When I beat the other team
The team praises me
When I go back home
I get fan letters to my name
I am full of fame!
I’m the swimmer
The best swimmer ever!!!!!!

Me and My Song
By, Sarah Kilroy

Well I can walk like peacock,
I can talk like a somebody,
But I can sing
Like nobody could before

Some people say they are emperors
Or Goddesses, and stuff like that
But what I am capable of is more than that

I can sing better than no one else
I can make a song on spot
I can memorize in seconds
I am better than a dictator
I am a Singer.

Brag poem
by Michael

I'm like the most fun,
like ever,
to man-
but only,

Cyrus B.

When i jump its higher than a ...
G6 (yah i like that)
... aaannnddd
I can run faster than a
uh uh uh
sonic car
I'm so EPIC
(Yah I know you wish you could be like me)
I put a S in front of AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
( yah that's me alright)