April 23.

Let's write a poem in a minute for somebody! Go to a friend or to a family member and ask them for a prompt... this could be a subject, a word, three words, an image... anything you need to get started. And then write like mad for a full minute. Post your result here!

Pandas and Tacos
By: Mina A.

A panda is eating tacos
the crumbs getting all over his fur
suddenly a panda rushes over an grabs the whole plate and shoves them all in his mouth
poor panda

Aaron Bermingham

60 second poem- fruit, goat, fish
By: Sara C

Yummy, juicy, on your mouth
Baaaaaaaa, maaaaaa, spitting on the ground
Swim, glide, jump in the air
Sweet, smelly, wet & cold
Fruit is as yummy as sugar!
Goats make weird milk
Fish are slippery
Slimy, fluffy, scaley
A Gift to Crawford
Words she gave me: ice cream and candy
By Ellie C

A world filled with candy
always floating in mind
and don't forget the lollipops
make lollipops underlined
and the yummy yummy ice cream
its tastes super sumpreme
and a little sprinkles
just like a dream


My Teal Alpacka

By:Lauren C

My teal alpacka is eating and eating until i gave him salad.

I didn't realise that something was wrong until he started choking.

I gave him CPR, then he stopped choking.

He got up slapped me and said "Don't ever give me spinach again."


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The sloth, the snail!
By Sarah Ki

There the sloth
the sloth is there
I has no Idea that there is no snail
the sloth is slow
but the snail is slower
why is there not a snail in the sloths cage so they can have a race
why why why!

Nikhil P
60 Second Poem
My Little Sister- sick, bed, coughing

I am tired.
I want to go and fall asleep.
I need meds, but I’ve all ready taken my limit.
Somebody help me.
I feel like throwing up.
Just hurry up and get my soup ready so I can go to bed

Aaron B
Running with no limit.
cannot stop.
Flexing hard.
A requirment for stuff.
Will never stop.

60 Second Poem
By: Olivia O
Dedicated to Ellie Newman

Topic: Cotton Candy and Frogs
The slimy frog leaps,
The cotton candy is pink and fluffy.
His eyes are bulging,
The sugar is sweet and sticky.
The frog leaps onto a lily pad,
The cotton candy drips.

60 second peom- lizards tanning on rocks

Lizards tanning on rocks

Lizard, lizard
Here and there
Lizard, lizard
Lizard, lizard
Over there
Tanning on that rock
Lizard, lizard, where did you go?
I swear I saw him on that rock…. Oh well!

by Michael T

The legos are one of the coolest things ever,
the can be used for many things,
like for make a small version of a big building,
or just to build cool stuff.
Legos are so epic and I'm very good at building with them.
But only because I'm epic.

By: Mallory F.

Interviewed Sarah Krumm

After it rains peaches

A rainbow comes out

all the peaches are colorful

without a dought

people love both of them

people summon them

and people will eat them

and people will hug them

rainbows love Sarah

and so do peaches

Sarah Kr.

I love to HIT!

It always gets my brother-

into a huge fit!

I always hope-

one day he will stop being a dope

1 minute
Cyrus B.

can't see
can't touch it
goodbye cruel world
as i drown