April 24

If you were not in class today and could not participate in the poetry game we played, please visit this site and write a poem using this fun tool.

Otherwise, please post your "exquisite corpse" poem below. Feel free to play with how the poem looks on the page, with punctuation, and with spelling.

Parakeets, Zombies, and Elmo
By Ellie C.

A snazzy parakeet ducking stealthily
parakeets are stealthily well, that's new
monkeys have many talents, white zombies have few
few fun talents for the freaky, feathery, fearless zombies
why are there zombies with fears?
Because zombies have feeling too.
why angels lost blank fro?
glowing halos high above their mighty heads
the head that is so big, and round and fat and tall
the head that sits so tall, and soft, and cushy fall
i saw it at the mall; that big and bouncy ball
no, you didn't see it at the mall
peep evil emo scraton the last one
big good elmo mad living in a group
"I'm elmo and I know it!"
A polka-dotted eagle hopping funnily

Ambitious Aardvark
by Ms. Filas

An ambitious aardvark ambled arduously
eating everything it saw
not even giving it a chance to thaw,
trying together to trip trembling Charlie,
but Charles says no.

Why did Charles say no?
Why didn't Charles whisper yes?
Whispering is quietly talking: yelling is the opposite.

Chicken, chicken, eating rice
Chicken, chicken, has some lice.
Rooster, rooster, eating lice
Rooster, rooster, is scared of mice.

I hate mice; mice are like lice.
No! Mice are like sugar plum fairies!
Sweet, sweet, and delightful! Little things so delicate and soft!

Mean, mean, not revolting. Huge and very clumsy, not sharp.
"I don't really know about this thing... Do you?"
The real thing bellows softly.

By: Lauren C.

A Ocean foam green shell floated gracefully
the shell had spirals, how beautiful it was
the shell swirled with wirling spirals of fuzz
Funky fat ferrets flew fluffily
why are the funky, fat, flying, fluffily ferrets flying?

I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You lost yes clueless
I have never been so alone! So clueless! I want my MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mommy! What are you a wimp! Grow up and grow chest hair like me!
Please don't take this too lightly, do it now and you will see.
That everyone should just downright obey me.
Why obey when you can disagree?
you, you, you, everthing is about you.
No!! It's about me!!!!!!
Gaga: It is about ME!!!!!!!!!!!
The Ocean foam green shell floated gracefully.
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Nikhil P.
Crazy Poem

A revolting monkey eats quickly.
Slurping his bananas so very quickly.
His face turns very green sickly.
Slipping and sliding, stunning, slapstick comedy
Truly and honestly…is it funny?
Yes, yes it is funny.
Bone, soul, horror, Goth, death
Dead, I am dead, you, you are dead, see!
Why, why I’m dead, I, I don’t know why!
I am dead, so dead, and so still like a cow.
You are not like a cow! What are you talking about? Go away you fiend!
Cows are friendly, cows can’t talk, and cows aren’t your friends.
Chickens not goofy, chickens can burp, chickens are my cool.
“Do you know what it is like to be me?”
A slimy kangaroo crawls happily!

The school?

An orange school runs slowly
The orange school is very orange
The door hinge fools the other door hinge
Envying, enraged, electric
Why must it be electric?
Because it is, and it shocks people. Why? They aren’t because but they soothe animals
Vicious, murderous, evil, pig
Beat and beat and death and death
I love you Beth
I want love, that’s all I dream about and want, love, love, love
You don’t want hate; it’s not what you think of, hate, hate, hate
“Hi Mr. Dog.” Said the fairy! “Let’s go on and adventure!”

gross Zebra
By: Sara C

A gross Zebra ran quickly
The grossness of the zebra was very sickly
the zebra was very tickly
Two tooth brushes tied tentacles together
Are the tentacles okay?
No they have no eighth friend
Yes you posses the millionth enemy
Millionth? Billionth? Trillionth? Or nonenth.
Money, Money, that green stuff, people always fight & huff!
Evil monkeys and tung
I don’t mong you
Dark, mysterious, happy, cheerful, silent, popular, unhappy, loud, cheerful
“She is so popular but unhappy about it, so she’s being loud”
The stinky chicken pooped slowly

Crazy Poem
By Sarah Ki

An ordinary chair jumps moderately

The beautiful ring swings slowly.
His brother the necklaces loop lazily.
Why do they loop so crazily?
They loop the loop because that's how God made them!
Nobody goes straight because you said so!
Goes through the door, goes around the corner.
Little black bird will kill you so stay close.
Fly, fly little you fall off don't die.
Soar, soar little bird in the sky.
No, no please don't fly, please don't fly through the sky.
It's blue, beautiful, and has clouds
It's not white, ugly, and doesn't have weights!
"A weight that is as lights me" says the cloud

A friendly goose hops more.

Mina A

Long, far away, lives a troll
Short rear, here dies a princess.
Her rear is round and plump like an orange.
Butts are plump and round like bouncy balls.
Bunnies can hop and jump like frogs.
Bunnies can hop and jump like dogs.
Bunnies don’t hop like dogs.

Slurping romen noodels
under beutiful beach umbrellas
the clouds like giants swimming
in the big ocean we call the sky

Aaron B
A snow does to fire
lull them to sleep
of brilliant flies
pours burning love
of mad seas
that by starlight
of black devil and black wolves
in a great bronze chariot
by the wave
its coolness on my feet
the flowers you picked
in a slumbering alder
away in endless flight
sighing around her
where the stars are sleeping
lying in her long veils
on the calm black water
embroidered with black moss
her great veils rising
mount in my soul
but endless
I cared nothing for all
hurled of the hulks hurricane
clamouring birds seen archipelagos of
realize in antique dramas
the scented twilight
down into abysses

A golden Monkey
By: Mallory F.

A gold monkey hops fashionaly
Hoping to find a purple banana
The purple banana that wore a bandana
The tree took a teal tree
Why didn't the tree take a pink tree?
It was because the tree was a serial killer for exotic species
The didn't why it seed didn't two little girl not common animal
Animal, the ferocious, bititng, clawing, wild, and cuddly cuddly bunny hopping here
here and there or everywhere
happy apokolopes everywhere
apokolopes are dead
fat, large, slow, brown, small nose
skinny, small, pink, Large butt
" yah she does have a large behind doesn't she?"
The Large behind hops cheerfully.

by Michael T
I am so epic
at building lego sets
because they are fun