NaPoWriMo 2012 April 25

April 25

Today, we began reading Melba Pattillo's memoir, Warriors Don't Cry, a book that recalls the struggles toward desegregation. Please choose an image, a phrase, an idea, or anything that inspired you from today's reading and write a poem based on that. You may also use any of the images or pieces of writing from the slides we watched at the beginning of class.

Little Girl
By: Sara C.

Little kid can’t play
They say there is no room left
There is so much room
Doesn’t understand
She didn’t know why she can’t,
But now she found out

Warriors don’t cry
By: Lauren
I really didn’t like
How the man
Was really mean to the
Little child and that when
She wanted to ride
The Merry-go-round
And that no one liked her
Because she was black
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Sarah Kr.

“Warriors Don’t Cry”

“You don’t deserve ANYTHING!”

“What? You wanna ride the ride?

Well guess what! You don’t get to!!”

“Don’t you know not to question me?

Or look me in the eyes?

Or even talk to me?”

You’d think I was some weird thing,

Or a monkey, or a dog….


I’m ME

By Ellie C.

We were seperated
from the whites
never appreciated
it would never be right
I'm not sorry for who I am
but for them it's alright
to think all of us are not as bright

Different Water
by Aaron B.
The Whites think they are clean water.
They think we are polluted.
Nothing can fix us.
We are done for because of humanity.

Nikhil P.
Warriors Don’t Cry poem

The Janitor is a hero.
I remember him because he saved my life.
He was so kind, and he was like me.
He told us about those medicines.
I will never forget him.

By: Mina A.

Why do we get the ugly stuff?
the ugly fountains the ugly bathrooms
the pretty nice clean ones are for those whites
they get good things; brand new
its unfair they get good things we get bad just because we are colored!
why aren't we treated equally?


By, Sarah Ki

I can't drink from the fountains

I can't play on the swings

I can't most of all swim or ride a horse

It lonely being "Colored" cause I can't do a thing

"I am Colored" what does that mean?

That I'm not allowed to play on a merry-go-round

That's my message and you tell your's

by Michael T
I'm like the most fun,
like ever,
to man-
but only,

By: Emma G.

Why did people call others “colored”?
Did they mean colored as if people's skin were colors like yellow, red, or green?
They feel hated inside.....
Enough to make up names, kill, and bully other ethnics
Making people feel bad
As if they don’t deserve to live in that world.

Her Skin

By: Olivia O.

Her skin is colored,

But I don’t care about that,

I want to be her friend.

There is no space for her,

And the mean whites should stop,

I want to be nice to her.

No Room
Elise S

No room the man told her
No room in the world for her
No room for her any time or place