April 26
external image henry-cartier-bresson-01.jpg

Look at the photo above by Henry Cartier Bresson. What is going on in this picture? Who are the people? Where are they? Why are they there? What time of day is it? Where are they going? Why? Now write a poem that expresses your ideas about what is happening..


By: Lauren C.


splish splash splish splash splish splash...

HEY YOU!! gimme 'dat cam'ra!


(cough whezze)

Now i'll be gitt'n back to th' robbin'



I don't think so...

Mysterious Man
By: Sara C.

A man is running, running fast

No one knows how or why.

Why would he run, why would he hide?

Is there something about him we don’t know?

Are you a criminal?

Or are you just running from yourself?

Do you want to disappear for ever?

Mysterious man

Running, running fast

The Mysterious Man
By: Emma G.

A mysterious man
Running, fast
Away from something
Away from someone
The answer is unknown

A mysterious man
Running, fast
Almost walking on water
Is he magical?
The answer is unknown

A mysterious man
Running, fast
Where will he run?
Will he make it?
No one knows

Shadow Man
By: Mina A.

The shadow man is running
Running like the wind
Beyond the tall spiked gate
He walks through the shadows
And through the deep puddles
With a gun in his hand,
Who is this shadow man?

Sarah Kr.
Running Man

Who is this guy-
Running like there’s no tomorrow
Is he just jumping?
Or is he sprinting?
We never really know,

Nikhil P

Weird Photo Poem

Shh, stay quiet.

The locals don’t we’re I’m here.

I heard that one of the graves is full of riches.

No one knows we’re here.

I’m slowly digging the grave up.

Almost there…

Yes! I’ve got it!

Okay, slowly open it up…


It’s alive!

It’s going to eat us!

Oh my gosh! It’s coming out! Run!

Climb over the fence! Come on!

Wait, how can you run on water!

Don’t leave me!



Aaron B.

Scared of everything,
not knowing where to go.
Mystery everywhere,
waiting to know.
Twilight is coming,
spooks in the air.
Going toward light.
No turning back,
Your in the Twilight zone.

The Guy behind the fence point of view
By Ellie C.

You think you’re magical
I think you’re unpractical
Trying to walk on water
It’s not like you’re an otter
I’m feeling sorta creepish
I think that water’s pretty deepish
I’m not sure I’m feeling that well
Oh, look! He Fell


Walking on water
By, Sarah Ki.

I'm walking on water.
At five o'clock?
I have a gun.
When did I get a gun?
I'm running from police.

Charlie B.

I am running as fast as I can!
I can`t see where I’m going!
I hope they don`t catch me!
Why did I bust out of prison?
I should have been a good prisoner and stayed put
There`s a man over there!
And he got a picture of me!
I`m doomed
What a gun?!
I`ll probably get a life sentence for this but …

By:Elise S

I watch from
afar as a man
runs with fear
not knowing what
to do the man grabs
a gun and makes his
escape the broke bits
and pieces that were
used in the escape are
now scattered on the
ground in the early fog
of the morning leaving
me speechless in the
graveyard just staring
and contemn plaiting
the man and why he

by Michael T

this picture,
this picture,
is a,
very very,
weird picture,
its hard to,
whats going on in it.
I think,
that the man,
is running from,
earths deadly waves.

Grave Robber
By: Cyrus B.

Dang it, someone sees me
“Hey look I’m walking on water”
“Do not pay attention to the gun and bag of jewels “
(Pedestrian with hillbilly accent)
“Aye mamma come look at dis young man he’s walking on water”
“Take a hike sonny you’ve just got out of the hospital”
“Okey Dokey Mamma”
(Grave Robber)
“Whew WAIT! “

The runaway Clown

By: Mallory F.

I ran away because I had to

The were treating me horribly

Beating me with a whip

They painted my face all white

They said I had to be a sad clown

I didn't want to be sad

I wanted to be happy

The held me down and

Painted a sad face on me

Now I shall be sad forever.

Keep On Running
By: Olivia O.

Keep on running,
Don’t stop now.
He’s chasing you, he’s so fast,
I don’t know how.
He’s catching up,
Keep running,
Don’t stop!!!