April 27
Think of a nursery rhyme or a fairy tale. Pick a character from that rhyme or tale... maybe the main character, but maybe a minor character, perhaps even the villain! Now write a poem from the point of view of that character. What would the wolf from Red Riding Hood have to say? Does Humpty Dumpty have any last words? How about the little pig whose house was made of straw? Remember, please use your first name and last initial(s) only!

Jack and Jill
By: Sara C.

Really Jack?

Are you seriously going to make me go up this hill with you?

You’re the man!

Why can’t you just do it yourself?

Why do we have to do it at all?

Can’t we just turn on the hose?

Finally! We made it up!

Oh no! Jack?

Are you ok?

I don’t think so, your really bloody?

Woh woh woh!


ooh! Aaah! Ouch!


Now I have to go back up that hill to get water!

The Big Bad Wolf
By Ellie C.

Hey little girl

Yah you with the red hood

Come on, dude

I can never find food

Forest life is hard

Nono I don’t want pig lard

Please give me something

No don’t start to sing!

Sarah Kr.
Hanzel and Gretel

Will we ever get home?
I don’t know the path-
All the bread is gone-
And my sister and I are starving
My father left us here,
To be with his new wife-
She was hoping to threaten our life,
But we found a home-
Made out of candy!
But someones here,
A nice old lady.
She took us in an fed us-
Then one day she put me in a cage-
Maybe she’s bipolar?
Or a witch?
A witch!
Well it doesn’t matter now-
She LONG gone.
Boy Who Cried Wolf
By: Mina
This kid,
he cries "Wolf!"
and i always run and hide
the people come and shout and run all about
and never really find me
then they don't come and i get a tasty snack

The Wolf
By: Olivia O.

Those pigs set my butt on fire,
They won’t let me eat them.
All I did was blow two of their houses down,
They don’t have to scare me away by roasting me.
The two not so smart pigs’ houses were flimsy anyways.
Seriously, straw and twigs for a house,
It was so unstable.
Just why did they have to roast my butt?

Straw, sticks, and bricks
By: Emma G.
Oh those pigs!
The very stupid pigs
Making the weakest houses
Trying to keep me away.
The first pig……
Making his house out of straw
Keeping the greatest, toughest violin in the world
Me, the big, bad wolf.
I huff, and puff and bla bla bla.
Now moving on to the second pig
Making his house out of sticks
Attempting to keep me out along with his brother
I huff and puff and… well, you know the rest.
Uggggggg. The third pig,
The smartest pig
The one who caught my butt on fire
I tried to huff and puff and blow it down but I couldn’t
After that those smart pigs set a fire over me in the chimney
My butt still hurts!
Oh those pigs!

Nikhil P
Fairytale poem
The Little Red Hen

No one wants to help me.
I’m the only one.
Well, they’ll regret it.
Oh, it’s done!
Come on my children, now we will enjoy my bread.
Wait, here comes the crowd.
Now, children, don’t give in.
No matter how much they ask for some bread, remember that they are lazy dirt bags.
Okay, here they come.
Get ready…

Red Riding Hood
By: Lauren C.

You know how in the story
The wolf is trying to steal and eat Red?
Yeah thats because he's
REALLY lazy and just a bum.
He needs to get a job and stop trying to eat
old woman and their grandchildren!!
external image goodman01_HoodwinkedRed_kick.jpg
Trapped never going to get out.
In a chamber.
Being tortured to death.
I am trapped.
No longer free.

Wolf and the Boy
By Sarah Ki

Do I really have to teach this kid a lesson
I guess I have to cause he keeps on calling
must I eat him he called me twice
I'm going, I'm going, He's gone.

by: Elise S

Nag Nag Nag
Father will you stop
I will marry when she comes
Yes Yes the ball is soon
Ok father let the girls flow in
Ugly, Fat, Fair, To Skinny
Oh My Gosh there she is
So so so perfect

Goldilocks and the the three bears
By: Mallory F.

Hey Goldilocks make your own porridge
Get your own Bed
Don’t you have your own parents
They should take care of you
Not us.

Boy Who Cried Wolf
By: Mina A.

This kid,
he cries "Wolf!"
and i always run and hide
the people come and shout and run all about
and never really find me
then they don't come and i get a tasty snack

Cyrus B.

How i love thee shall i count thy ways
1. chocolate
2.white chocolate
3. rubarb
5. apple
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSZxAifd1qivErBB8P9W2Xt2yl4VgmgfjzmYv1SGHfllmUJoq3bIg