April 30

Can you believe the month is over and that this is our last post for NaPoWriMo?! WOW! Please read this model poem for today. After reading it together and discussing it in class, your teacher will give you a worksheet that will guide you through writing your own poem! When you are done, please post it here!

I am from....
By Ellie C

I am from mugs,
from bowls, and pans
I am from cushions of the couches,
soft blankets, and big pillows
I am from a special seed,
the lovely tulips, and blue daisies
I'm from turkey butts, and blue eyes,
from Joell and Paul
I'm from coffee and
fancy Teramasu
From werewolves and
man eating toilets
I'm from Catholics
I'm from Riverside
with doctors that care
From the fairy tales,
the happiness that continues
I am from no picture albums,
soccer trophies, a unicorn loving mom,
and a big family.

Where I am From
By: Mina

I am from the bread
from Pillsbury in a can
I am from shoes in my closet
colorful, everywhere
I'm from Christmas
from Me and Myself
I'm from the cooking family yet the small annoying one too
From the Golden Rule and don't talk to strangers.

I'm from Ohio, Asia, and Europe
From rice and kabobs
I am from me.

Where I am From
By Aaron
I am from the Land from Kleenex
I am from the large house.
Red, Sweet.
I am from the Japanese Maple,
the blooming violet.
I'm from Christmas and dark,
from Joesph, and Aaron
I'm from the cooking family and small family.
From the Golden Rule and be nice.
I'm from Christianity
I'm from Ohio, Asia, Mango, and rice.
From the President the King
I am from Asia and Europe.

Where I am from
By: Sara C

I am from clouds and from rainbows

I am from the candy plants, the rose bushes

I’m from candy poopers and rainbow horns, from aunt sparkle and granny joe.

I’m from the silly flyers and rainbow pooper/makers

I’m from don’t pee on the rug, and don’t fly far from the candies

I’m from finny-la-la’s

I’m from Choochi town, in lala churro’s & sugar

From the runaway rainbow, and the unicorn without a horn called auntie Jane

I’m from the town with lots of flowers

Where I Am From
By: Lauren C.
I am from clear water from
the ocean.

I am from the coral reffs.
Bright, colorful.
I am from the rain washing away,
the pain of the sun.

I am from the turkey and
the photographic memory, from
Ronald Raven and
Verna Raven.
I'm from the branch
of Ronald and Verna

From help
that hurts.

I'm from no god
because no one can make me.
I'm from the U.S.A,
Johnny Marzzetti and
Pasta Salad.

From the other side,
the everlasting life.

I am from My Family,
who are never to be let down
and to never have been betrayed.
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Where I Am From
By: Olivia O

I am from books,
From Ocean Spray and sunbeams.
I am from the socks under my bed,
White, stinky, and they smell like old cheese.
I am from the dandelions,
The cornflowers, the petals floating in the wind.
I’m from guitar christmas songs,
Thinking and farming,
From Pappaw’s straw hat,
And Nana’s canned beans.
I’m from farming out in the country,
And living in the city,
From Popeye the sailor man,
And the difference between types of grasses.
I’m from country-life Christians,
And big city Jews.
I’m from West Virginia, France, Hungary, Romania, and Britain,
Corn on the cob, and matzo ball soup.
From the horses ridden by me and my cousins in Spanishburg,
The jellybeans in old Gramps’s pocket.
I am from the big house in the mountains on the lake,
The small apartment in Cleveland,
And my nice house in little Powell.

Where I Am From

By Sarah Ki

I am from rainbow clouds

from rainbows and company.

I am from the silver clouds.

Cute, silver and fluffy.

I am from the jelly beans,

the weird clouds.

I'm from Easter Eggs

and joyful families,

from Aunt Narwhal

and Aunt Horse.

I'm from the pooping rainbow and peeing jelly beans

From Heaven and Easter Eve.

I'm from clouds.

I'm from Ireland,

Pasta and Chicken.

From Jack's

And the John's

And everyone.

I am from Colorado

I was born in 2000.

I have 4 Aunts, and 3 Uncles.

My dad's a biking fanatic and

My mom's a designer.

Nikhil P
Where I am from poem

I am from Expo and Staedtler.
I am from food in my grandparent’s kitchen, spicy, flavorful, it smells like home.
I am from the hydrangea bush,
the maple tree, whose leaves fall in the backyard.
I’m from prayer and Indian food,
and dark skin, from foodies and the sports freaks.

I’m from over achievers,
the optimists, the pessimists, and in between,
staying away from knives, strangers,
I‘m from the best church in the world.
I’m from the city bbq and home made rice.
From the journey of my dad to Seattle at 17,
to the time my grandpa designed a bridge.

I am from the library full of albums. They are full of pictures. They are full of friendly faces, faces that I will never forget.

Where I Am From
with thanks to George Ella Lyon
Ms. Filas

Where I Am From I am from telescope
From Peter Pan creamy peanut butter and brownie poop.
I am from the house by the lake.
Night crawlers in mossy waters, the cicada buzz chorus,
And a bullfrog timpani.
I am from the California golden poppy, gasping catfish,
The growling Pacific, sandstone cliffs, and a pygmy forest.
I’m from stirring the gravy: it's all in the wrist,
Telling tall tales and quoting poetry,
From three JRs and one Dorothy, from Selma and Otto who escaped.
I’m from fishing lines and secret sorrows and disorders,
From “confusion to the enemy” and “you can do anything”.
I’m from an evolving sense of the universe that explores all gods but settles for none.
I’m from Galesburg and Jews,
Cinnamon swirl bread and Caponis.
From torturing traveling salesmen and
Two sisters who survived and a child's grave.
I am from tin-type photos, Edna Gertrude’s necklace,
From Cousin Dianne’s carefully tended family tree, with strong roots
I will always water.

"Where I Am From"
Emma G

I am from icebergs, the North Pole and cold water.
I am from the snowy edge of the frozen ocean.
I am from icicles, the Arctic stalactites, and the glowing crystal columns.
I am from underwater hibernating and sleeping while floating, from Stabby and Blob.
I am from swimming families and floating drifters.
I am from eat or be eaten to swim fast from your enemy.
I am from the underwater Buddhists.
I am from birth water and fish and shrimp.
I am from runaway narwhal Bob who never came back and cousin Stabby who accidentally stabbed his mom.
I am from the wet land of the narwhal.

By-Michael T.
The green world
This world was a beautiful until,
The, destructors came. The, destructor race,
is fun but kinda evil. Just so u know we are the destructors.
We need to take,
Care of the,