April 4

Go to this websiteand find the song that was #1 on your birthday. Find the lyrics and write a poem inspired by that song

By: Ellie C

Casanova, heartbreaker,
Lady’s man, lady killer,
Smooth operator, woman chaser,
These are all the words to describe

My heart’s in two
But I guess I’ll just have to make do.
You read me like a book,
Cover to cover
And I guess I’d always rediscover
My reasons for loving

I’d walk past you
Feeling awfully blue through and through
You’d throw me a smile
And I would want to replenish want we had for awhile
Then I’d ask myself, “Do you remember when he broke your heart?
Do you remember when he broke…

What a Girl Wants

A girl wants everything including
shoes, money, fame, and fashion.
All girls like music.
Girls want everything.
A girl walks down a street
and sees a new purse.
Then she wants it.
A girl wants everything.
Just as we do.

by Aaron B

Maria Maria

By:Lauren C

Maria Maria,
you want to have fame and fortune
you fell in love in L.A.
the rich are theives that pickpoket as the rich get richer and poor get poorer
oh no now we are getting evicted
oh Maria Maria
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Maria Maria
By, Sarah Ki.

Dear, Maria
I miss you . I made a poem for you here it is. Te amo.

Maria Maria
Aren't you so fine
Rarely you smile but I know your feelings
Information not needed from your life
A marriage might come but Maria I will love you forever

Forever loving, your Secret Admirer

U Remind Me
By: Mina A

She reminds me of someone I knew
She smiles just like you
I’m reminded when I look at you
I see her face when I look at you
Which is why I just can't be with you
Buts it’s so unfair that she reminds me of that girl that I knew

Maria Maria: number one BIRTHDAY SONG! By Nikhil P

There I was, alone in the streets.
It as dark, and it was as gloomy as a cemetery.
It was quiet, lonely…
And there they were!
All these men, and they were playing their guitars and drums.
I was stunned.
Maria! Maria! That’s all I could hear.
Then, I saw him. There he was under a beam of moonlight.
His name… was Carlos Santana.
Then, everything went dark. Everything but Carlos and me.
I was compelled to come downstairs and meet him. I went closer, and closer, and closer.

Maria Maria
By: Mallory F

See as the rich is getting richer
See as the poor are getting poorer
See as the wealthy are getting new things
and see as the poor are getting old things
the rich should help them
the poor should thank them
and everything would be just fine

Butterfly - Crazytown
By: Olivia O

A song...
A very bad song,
Bursting my eardrums.
The repetitive noise of "Butterfly".
The man who is calling this person -
Is making me want to -
Rip my hair...
This song makes me feel like,
Something has died,
Inside of me.
My ears are shriveling,
My heart is breaking,
My life is metaphorically -
All because of this sickening song...


Say my name
As though you thought I wouldn't notice
Yes that right you've been caught

Months I have trusted you...
Yeah that's right MONTHS

Neighbors have gotten suspicious
As leave my side every night
Mabey it's to end this thing
Everybody says its that cat or me

Sarah Kr.


I kinda hate this song,
It's trying to be country,
but they got it all wrong.

I never thought,
I would see the day
when I had to listen to music-
this bad, this foul
It makes me want to lose it.

Maria Maria
By: Sara C

When I walk around outside all I see is this man staring at me and singing about me.
I fell in love in east L.A., but apparently this guy does not know that.
His sings in spanish, but I don’t even know spanish, so that doesn’t really help.
I’m not his lover, he thinks I am, I do not love him.

I want something
By: Cyrus Benis
I want something
I want a TV
I want to see a movie
you want money
you want more
i need water
i need food

Brown Sugar
by Ms. Filas

It’s early morning sunshine
On warm wood floorboards
It’s early morning purr time
With slow tempo blues chords

It’s coffee scented sunshine
When I nuzzle in your fur
It’s brown sugar sunshine
When I listen to you purr.

By Emma Goldsby
Livin La Vida Loca

A dramatic song
About bad relationships
Heartbreak ends it all

by michael t
red is the color of my blood
red is the color that i love
red is the color of the leaves in fall
red is also the color of tomatoes

Charlie Ballard

This song sounds a little disturbing
Honestly it sounds like a stalker is singing this
Spare yourself don`t watch this
It`s alien rap
Please just don`t look it up
Who is Joe Anyways?
Just take my advice
Who is Joe?
End of story.