April 5! We're 1/6 of the way there! Pat yourself on the back!

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And now for today’s prompt! (Remember — the prompts are optional! Feel free to ignore ‘em). This may not mean a lot to some of you, but today is Opening Day! For me, this means that rhythm and sanity are about to return to the world after the bleak, baseball-free months of winter. Baseball has had a unique hold over American poets — if you don’t believe me, check out all these poems and posts about baseball archived at the Poetry Foundation website. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!
So, how about a poem in honor of Opening Day? It could be about your favorite player, your little league team, or always getting picked last for pickup games in PE (I spent many dreamy hours searching for four-leaf clovers in extreme left field, oblivious to any balls that came my way).
If baseball isn’t your thing, try another sport! A poem in honor of cricket, or hockey, or the majestic game of table tennis. And finally, if the very idea of writing a poem about a sport makes your writerly impulses wilt, how about a poem in honor of another “first”? The first day of school, or first day of vacation. The possibilities are endless!

By Ellie C

Knee-pads, muscles,
and girls that hustle.
For changing the game,
we are the ones to blame.

We girls have been underestimated
and you boys have been overestimated.
We are all equal
but not according to some people.
Girls are starting to restore
the power they never had before.
Need I say more?

By: Elise S
I can hardly hear the buzzer
My breath deep and loud
Then I get a wake up call
As cold water splashes on my face
I come up for air and my teem, my fans
All depend on me to push though and do my best
Must touch that board I touch the crowd cheers
I think I won, I check my time
Six seconds gained

The Game of Volleyball
By Mina A

Someone slaps the ball and hits it high
It goes over the net
So we punch it back
They hit it back over without thinking twice
We hit it once, twice, and…
Spike it over with lots of force
It’s going over and no one is moving to hit it
Then there’s a whistle that blows and the ref says:
We go slap hands with the other team and they don't slap back
I guess they are poor losers

Sarah Kr – 4/5/12
Baseball Poem

Basically my least favorite sport,
Although favored by many,
Seeing a person hit a ball
Every time, is really
Adults seem to
Love it, but mostly men, some
Live for it.


Hockey is hard hitting,

it gets you every time.

Like it, love it, and dream it.

Put your heart to it.

It won't bite.

Pursue it and love it.

Hockey will always get you.

No matter what you say.
by Aaron B

Charlie B.

I`m dribbling the ball down the field
Running as hard as I can
Were down 51 to 52
If I score we win
I get to the three point line
I jump!
I shoot!
I make it!!!

Bench Warmers
By: Cyrus B
Today we watch tomorrow we play
Well if our coach is nice enough to let us
Maybe well maybe just be bench warmers …
Like usual

Lauren C

The first day of vaction
Is always wonderful
Because you get rid of
The peskey thing adults
Call "school"
Ohh fineally im getting
Ready to board the airplane!
I love the sounds and the
Feeling of lifting off the ground
It's so wonderful that I might past out
It's wonderful because I
Get to leave the state I live in
And explore new territoriy
Ohh as the days go by so fast
then it's time to go back home.
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Traffic Ticket
By: Sara C
It’s not fun being strapped to someones windshield. It’s dirty, and there are bugs smacking you in the face every five seconds.
Do I really deserve all this pain? I thought they were the ones to be punished. Was I wrinkled, or did I not get printed out all the way?
All this horribleness for just a minute over the meter time. I mean why can’t I just be put in the car, or somewhere where I will not be killed!
Ok the car has stopped. Someone is getting out! ok, Now you notice me, and did you seriously just throw me away?
Are you even going to pay the fine. Ok be like that if you want to, but when you don’t pay it you are going to get in a lot more trouble than you would of by just paying the money. Oh no! No! Not the shredder! No! No! Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

Good and Bad love
By, Sarah K

Good Love is the best love the
Over exaggerated kind that sometimes is hated
Oh, don't ever turn back at this love cause than you just turned back on yourself
Don't underestimate this love EVER

And if you ever wander why just read on
Nothing compares to these kind of love
Don't just stop now read, read, read

Bad love is the worst love unless you are evil
Are you evil or not are you good love or bad love
Don't be EVIL

By: Olivia O

The moist rain,
Trickles down my face.
It brings no pain,
The journey to summer is more than a race.
The flowers are sprouting,
The birds are singing,
I want to be shouting,
How much joy this month is bringing.
My birthday is in six days,
I can almost see it through the haze.
This month brings me a huge smile,
Just wait and watch, for a while.

First Time
Ms. Filas

Maybe it happened going southbound
And she was driving way too fast in the right lane
Rolling Stones throbbing
And singing loud and hair whipping out a cracked window
And he would have gone the speed limit In the left lane
And used his turn signal a half mile back from the turn
And there may have been a moment

Or maybe it was at Kroger
And she would have been in the vegetable section
Comparing bruised onions
And struggling with her cell phone and bag and hand basket
And he would have been on his way
To the cracker aisle
And walking briskly and thinking of just nothing in particular
And there may have been a glance

And maybe it was the library
And she would have been sitting between the stacks
Cross-legged teary-eyed
And immobilized reading her truth from Plath’s pen
And he would have been sitting
At a study carrel
And taking comparative notes from literary theories
And it may have been then

by: Emma G
Baseball is stupid

It’s boring for me
Never know what’s going on
Not the sport to watch

Nikhil P
Sports Poem
Buzkashi is rough.
Understand this.
locKed in rough play.
Dead Animals
Saddled on

by michael t





Here! so come down and buy one. They come with a


On the inside of the helmet and also have

Nothing else in

The side of the

Helmet. so come and get your Experienced Air Recon Troopers now.