April 8

Write a poem about your favorite food. Try to engage all the senses: sight, smell, sound, touch, and most of all... taste

Retched Chocolate
By Ellie C

I’ve got it!
All chocolate is magical!
Making you want more and more,
With its sweet sweet smell of course!
The taste is…what’s the right word…
Oh that’s right,
The feel of it is soft and
Will often melt in your hands!
But the best is when you have to lick it off your fingers!
It’s hard to resist,
Trust me I should know,
I have a little bit every day!
That retched chocolate!
I will—I will…
Do nothing!
I like chocolate too much!

By: Sara C

Round, flat, skinny,
Bow tie, curly, elbow
Cork screw, wagon wheel, and my favorite....

Not very smelly, unless covered in sauce

The thing that makes it yummy
red, white & many other colors
Chunky or smooth
Rich or creamy
It sizzles in the pan
slides in the bowl
And squishes in my mouth

It’s not good to touch
unless you have a napkin
probably soft, unless you burn it

When you put it in your mouth
It tastes like a dream
Italian= meaty & saucy!
Thai= Spicy & Yummy!!

by charlie b

so delicious
with peperoni and cheese
add some sausage
and it`s perfect
each slice represents royalty

By: Mina A

Spring, spring is coming soon,
Grass is green and flowers bloom,
Birds returning from the south,
Bees are buzzing all about,
Leaves are budding everywhere,
Spring, spring is finally here!

Lauren C

The skies are very bright and cheery.
The water gleams so bright that it hurts my eyes.
The wind picks up and so people have a Marilyn Monroe moment.
We go to an Easter wedding and I see this creep staring at me.
But the sun is shining on the church, it is so pretty.
It is the perfect day to have a wedding.
Everything is so bright and sunny that I feel that something bad will happen.
As the day ends nothing happened!
Yay everything was perfect!!!!!

( )__( )

( * --* )


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Happy Easter!!!!

By: Mallory F

Egg decorating
Animals like bunnies and ducks
Sharing candy
Thinking of others
Egg hunt
Racing to the Easter baskets

By Aaron B
The wind brushes past my feet,
the birds chirp while the trees sway.
The deer wander silently through the woods.
The lake sits still while the breeze makes little ripples.
The silent chirp of grasshoppers sounds like strings.
Nature is in balance but not for long...

The Bet
By: Cyrus B

I think that’s him
But it is a rabbit
So what it’s just someone in a rabbit suit
But really it’s him
Fine you win the bet
Yes the Easter Bunny is real
(Walks over to the guy in the suit) pst PST hey hey.
You get half the profits from the bet.


the duck tender and easy to rip in away it is the damsel in distess
the baccon crisp and warm plays the roll of the dashing young prince
and the jalapeño is that spicy yet verry sassy dragon

By: Elise S

The Moon
By, Sarah Ki

The moon, full and silver
Shines through my window
It almost makes me shiver
How beautiful the moon is when full
When it shines into the river
It almost looks like a star
And thats what makes me quiver

By: Emma G

As I see it dance in the light

I feel the warmth as it comes my way

I can almost taste the burning

As I get closer I hear the faint crackle

I smell the distant smell of smoke

See. Feel. Taste. Hear. Smell.

I sense them all. What am I thinking? FIRE.

Beef Stew
By: Olivia O

The savory smell wafts into my nose.
I think it smells better than a rose.
My stew has so many different things,
Orange carrots, brown beef, and green onions, is what this stew brings.
It has starchy potatoes so fat,
So good I'll need a place mat.
This stew is thick, silky, and great.
So let's hurry up, I don't want to be late,
To taste the wonderful surprise,
Of that stew over noodles, right before my eyes.

Concepts and Theories
Ms. Filas

I have shuffled and reshuffled these
photographs letters and journal pages
assembling and reassembling them
testing fresh lighting techniques and
fiddling with framing in novel angles
carefully constructing and destroying
impressions or suspicions I once held
I navigate the vagary of once was and
could have been with now experiments
and still


Sarah Kr-4/9/12


So many flavors, thousands and thousands,

Traditional like spearmint and bubblegum,

I could chew forever.

Now you have flavors like Bacon and Cupcakes,

These make me gag

Chewing on a piece of bacon-

FOR HOURS ON END *Spaz like face*

the out doors by- Michael t

when I'm out side i know I'm not alone.
when i hear the the birds i always look for them,
to see what kind of bird they are.
being outside is like nothing else in the world,
its like the best thing ever.

Nikhil P LA6 4/8/12
On The Road
As I sit down, bored to the brink of death,
I stare out the window of our car.
It is such a blur, but it’s so clear at the same time.
I see endless farmlands, and few trees.
It seems very majestic.
I am mesmerized by the sight, and I can’t wait to see more, when I notice that the car trip is done, and we are at our grandpa’s house.