April 9
Today's prompt is a lot of fun!
  • Browse the many amazing poems your classmates have written and posted on this site.
  • Pick a line or a phrase or an image you like from someone else's work.
  • Use it as the first line of your poem today.
  • Shoot to write a poem of at least ten lines.
  • Be sure to credit the original author and title in your title.

By: Sara C
First line By: Elise S

They make excellent cars
They would be flying, or gliding, or soaring
There is a book about them
It’s called button soup
I tried making button soup one time, but it just tasted like plastic
Maybe it’s a duck thing, because it must of been good, if it could make a grumpy man happy
Crazy colors, shapes, and sizes
Shirts, pants, coats, & jackets

By: Emma G
first line by Mina

The bride has a horn and poops jelly beans.
The groom swims in the depth of the sea.
As the mythical bride thinks what it might mean
“Oh Ya! To that groom with that fat blubber is a special part of me”
As I swim up from the ocean floor, I think of what I have seen.

From that magical bride
To big swimming groom
I think of their facial pride
And I wonder if I have met my doom
Of the little world full of different species. No, I’m out of my mind!

Oh man! Just as I feared, the future ruler of the world, a little narwhal!

Origanal writer of first line Ellie C
By: Lauren C

For she's souless inside
when she wishes she's afraid
that her knight won't come riding
she waits in the night


waiting for her time
to see what can't be seen
to hear the soft words

I love you
she waits to see everyone with their
and her with lonleyness
so she waits
for her knight to come rescue
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Wild Snorlax
By Ellie C with the help of Lauren C

A wild Snorlax appeared!
Just look away,
Try not to notice his beard.
Has he been watching me all day?
Oh goodness, he’s awfully weird!
Oh and now he’s starting to sway!
Good lor--- his kid appeared
Yes! Yes! Good idea, run away!
They are now off to the bay!

By: Mina A
With a special thanks to Sara C’s ‘Lonely’ for the 1st line of this poem

Sitting in the cold, no food, no home
Not even a little bit of money
No one is coming for me
While I wait on a city street
For someone to come help me
People pass by without a glance
While I just look with envy
Someone stops and stares but quickly walks away
Isn’t anyone going to help me?

by Aaron B first line by Lauren C

Mother Earth sends us signs to show us the way.
She shows what is right or wrong.
Global Warming is telling us to stop burning fuels.
Lots of what she does is to tell us to live with the land.
Mother Earth is trying to keep balance,
But us humans destroy everything she does.
As we destroy things, one day everything will be destroyed.
Mother Nature's species are endangered,
She cares about us but hates that we destroy her animals.
We must live with the land and follow what Mother Nature says.

Easter must be on its way:
First line by: lauren c
By: Mallory F

The skies are very bright and cheery
So Easter must be on its way
The birds are chirping
The bunnies are hopping
So Easter must be on its way
The family's are gathering
All the candy is disapering
So Easter must be on its way
The sun has come out
The candy is in its place
So Easter is here today


By:Elise S with the help of Mallory F's The Bunny's wedding

In the meadow the animals get ready
everyone is swarming I ask a rabbit nearby
he said "It's because the tortise and the hare are
having a rematch today and no one wants to miss it"
So i head to the finish line to see who is the winner
and once again slow and steady won the race
the animals screech with joy as only to see the rabbit hop
around the corner just in time to see the tortoise put his put his
little stubby leg across the finish line
of course this race took several hours seeing how both are about
100 years old
when crossing the finish line the rabbit tripped on his beard

Fish instead of a DOG
1st line from Sara C's: Leafy Sea Dragon

I won't pee on the carpet because I live in the water.
You can't hold me,
Or play with me,
Or cuddle me.
Sometimes you forget about me,
I might die from the gross food you give me.
I'm much less loved,
All of my friends are gone.
Because I'm not a dog,
I'm a fish.

Sarah Kr-4/9/12
First line by Olivia O

The journey to summer is more than a race
No school, or homework, or projects-
Just doing nothing the first month,
Then it gets boring,
Longing for the days you wake up early and go to school.
Some are so desperate they make up their own work.
Finally, the first day of school has come!
Videos are taken, photos are snapped,
Oh the joy of learning, talking to your friends
I hope this day never ends, because we all know-
I will wake up tomorrow and think it’s a bummer,
That I must start again-
My journey to Summer.

Line-from-someone-else’s-poem-poem by Nikhil P
Credits to “Gorillacorn unirilla” by Ellie C

“When did I marry a nerd? HONEY, HURRY UP!”
Come on! This space ship convention is only held once a year!
Please! Lets go!
I can’t believe what I’m seeing.
My husband is a spaceship nerd freak.
He always ends up taking me everywhere telling everyone this: “This woman is MY wife!”
I’m starting to ask myself why I married this guy.
Oh yeah! I remember now! It was because he was rich, so I could spend all of his money.
What is she thinking? I mean, this only happens once a year!
Why does it always end up like this?
You know, the part where she always ends up spending my life savings!
What is she thinking?
Why did I even marry her?
Oh! Now I remember! It was because I could go around telling everyone that this beautiful woman was my wife!

Ms. Filas

I have dragged
my happiness
out of the box
I keep under my bed

I had to pry under
the stubborn lid
with a crowbar
and splinter sounds

I reached past
dusty dark jaws
to grab hold
with both hands

I felt its heart beat
feathery and quick
warm with thin skin
snatched from darkness

I battled to bring it
here to your plate
to cook it and slice it
for it struggled so

Like it, Love it, Dream it.
By, Sarah Ki
Thanks to Aaron B

Like it, Love it, Dream it-
Some things are hard and some things are not.
I don't think half of these words fit
Like it, Love it, Dream it-
I hope you get it
You might just have to Like it, Love it, and Dream it
Like it, Love it, Dream it-
Some things are hard and some things are not.


"it gets you every time" is from Aaron B poem called Hockey

Its the test, the test is one of the scariest things ever.

It gets you every time. And I mean it when I say "it gets you every time" because its true.

The test is the worst thing to forget about because it will get you every time.

The test can bring your grade down to an F really a F and thats bad.

The test is a strait F student's worst nightmare. the only way to beat the terrifying beast is by,

STUDYING. Studying is the tests worst nightmare tat is why that is the only way to beat the test. Well there is other ways to beat the test.

one way is cheating but thats cheating. BUT DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE QUIZ.