And now the prompt. Today, because it’s the 14th, I challenge you to write a sonnet. Sonnets have been around for hundreds of years, and there are plenty of variations in the form. Generally, they have 14 lines. But a Shakespearean sonnet is in iambic pentameter, with a rhyme scheme of a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-e-f, g-g. A Petrarchan sonnet has a rhyme scheme of a-b-b-a, a-b-b-a, and then either c-d-e-c-d-e or c-d-c-c-d-c.Spenserian sonnets have a scheme of a-b-a-b, b-c-b-c, c-d-c-d, e-e, and don’t tend to follow the Petrarchan sonnet’s philosophical bent. There are blank verse sonnets (14 lines, iambic pentameter, no rhyme) and contemporary poetry brings us sonnets that neither rhyme nor observe any particular meter. For example, Ted Berrigan’s Sonnet 34:
Time flies by like a great whale

And I find my hand grows stale at the throttle

Of my many faceted and fake appearance

Who bucks and spouts by detour under the sheets

Hollow portals of solid appearance

Movies are poems, a holy bible, the great mother to us

People go by in the fragrant day

Accelerate softly my blood

But blood is still blood and tall as a mountain blood

Behind me green rubber grows, feet walk

In wet water, and dusty heads grow wide

Padré, Father, or fat old man, as you will,

I am afraid to succeed, afraid to fail,

Tell me now, again, who I am
There is no required subject for the sonnet, although many of Shakespeare’s sonnets deal with love, and Petrarchan sonnets began a long tradition of using the sonnet as a sort of philosophical exercise — a problem is raised and discussed in the first eight lines, with the problem being resolved over the final six. The ninth line is sometimes called a pivot or volta — the “turn” on which the problem begins to shade into its solution.
So, for our fourteenth day of NaPoWriMo, go forth and write something with fourteen lines. Pose a problem and resolve it, address a fair lady (or man), and rhyme or not as you please. The sonnet is both tight and expansive — it can accommodate you! Have at it, and take your place in a long and continuing line.

By: Sara Crawford

Quack! Quack!
OOOh bread!
Yumm Yumm!
AAAAAHhhhhhhh! no! not a hawk!

Self-Rescuing Princess (Bad Grammar)
By Ellie C

She Don't need no prince
She doesn't need anybody to tell her she's beautiful
She's a self-rescuing princess
and Her mother says she's disgraceful
She's a brave little soul
with a real big heart
but she doesn't realize
people think she's as sweet as tart

Nikhil P
Sonnets are hard

It’s so hard to write a sonnet.
Whenever I try to write one, my mind goes blank.
Don’t you think so?
Ohhh, what are you writing?
What? You say that I’m trying to copy of off you?
Who would think of such a thing?
I’m going back to my seat!
Let’s see, what was that part about the vast green plains and the trees in his poem?

Not Big Enough
By: Mina A

My new flat screen TV's not big enough.
It sits upon the wall with too much space.
So says my mother with a great big huff
It seems to hang in air without a base.

So tell me what it is about the size?
That makes each parent start to choke
To me, it makes no sense, is a surprise.
The quest for big screen size is quite the joke

Each night they’ll go to bed without a note
But I’ll change thousands channels one by one.
Taking hold of the remote
I don't even sleep even after the night is done

So now you're up to date and up to speed
Remember what I told you and make sure you didn’t misread

by-Michael T

the homework

homework is like the least fun thing.

it takes so long to do

homework homework homework its boring and hard

all homework is is what we learned in class that day

is takes up so much of the day, so that when you are you have ti go ti bed.

Aaron B
The wind almighty

The wind soft as a feather.
It blows through the leaves.
Very silently the trees sway.
The water has ripples.
The wind is now faster and harder.
The leaves are falling off.
The trees are almost broken.
The ripples are now waves.
The wind is now even faster and harder.
The leaves are broken.
The trees snap.
The waves all come together and clap.

Charlie B the marvels of lizards

Lizards run around the world as mighty as can be
Nobody will tell them to stop
They rule their own little world
Such marvelous creatures
The king, Indy the great sits and eats his vegetable
While the other lizards sit around and eat
Everyone can clearly see who`s in charge
The lizards of course!

My Warrior
By:Elise S

He will be fast like the Cheetah in the dry and hot desert
He will stand tall like the Grizzly deep within the forest
He will be strong like the Ox pulling the cart
He will protect me like the Eagle perched upon his nest
He will live like the Parrots soaring high through the sky
He will sleep like a Sloth dangling from a branch
He will talk like an Elephant that has yet to find the herd
He will care like the Lion watching his young
He will be playful like a Polar Bear cub after hibernation
He will be soft like the Rabbits fur that hops trough the grass
He will work like a Squirrel in the winter
He will be sneaky like the Snake deep within his cave
he will leap like a gazelle over his enemies
He will love like a duckling searching for his mother

The Saddest Death

Oh no! I’m dying, what a sad painful death this is.

Someone help me I’m dying......

Ok I’m back, wait no! the plug fell out, I’m dying again

Geese why do you have to click so hard, ooooooow!!!!!!

eeeew, why are your fingers that hideous shade of orange?

No, No, No don’t set me right there

You know this will end badly


Ouch! That hurt, I told you this would end badly.

Now you are seriously going to make weird duck faces at me?

Kissy faces?

You are just a freak!

My Indian
By: Lauren C

1.He will roll like a ninja
2.He will fly like an eagle
3.He will run like horse
4.He will be as fit as a Zebra
5.He will shoot like a sniper
6.He will ride as if he is one with the horse
7.He will be as nice as a gentlemen
8.He will laugh like a hyena
9.He will rawr like a Dinosaur
10.He will pounce like a puma
11.He will eat like a fat man
12.He will fight like a warrior
13.He will be as honorable as a general
14.He will be as generous as a man with a full heart of gold
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The Tree
By: Olivia O

The leafy branches, up so high,
Green and brown, sturdy and tall.
Great for climbing and swinging on,
Gives shade and fruit.
One day the tree will be cut down,
But not too soon.
Home for many animals,
The bees buzz.
The only bad thing about this tree,
Is that I'm allergic to it.
My eyes puff up, my nose runs.
But all in all to me,
A great tree.

School’s almost over!
Sarah Kr

School’s almost over!
There’s less than a month,
No more homework-
Or getting up early,
Just sleeping in-
Hanging out with friends
And doing nothing
We’re in the last quarter,
The 4th to be exact
I just can’t wait until schools over!

By, Sarah Ki

Oh, the Mailman, the Mailman
He brings the letters and packages
Through wind, sleet or snow
He loves the wind, He loves the snow
Most of all he loves a clear day
Sun shining, slight breeze from the north
On his route the wind slightly blown into his hair
What the Mailman hates is sleet, and hail
The hail it's like a golf range
Hail flies through the air
Sleet it makes him shiver
It makes him not want to move
But what makes me shiver is
The Mailman might just be a girl.

I Quit!
By: Emma G.

I quit on writing a sonnet
I quite on writing a poem
I quit swimming
I quit dance
I quit, I quit, I quit!
I quit on writing
I quit on volleyball
I quit on football
And soccer
And gymnastics
And sports
I quit on EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually…. never mind, “mom, sign me up AGAIN…”