April 6

We all love animals in this class! So for today:
  • Choose an animal
  • Go to wikipedia and read the article(s) about that animal
  • Choose 3-5 (or more) phrases from that article
  • Work those phrases into a poem

Leafy Sea Dragon

By: Sara C

I’m small and have good camouflage.
I won’t pee on the carpet because I live in the water!
I can also change color, but this depends on my diet, age, location and stress level.
Don’t take me out of the water and try to ride me because I am not really a dragon, I have a very deceiving name.
Some people say that I remain in one location for extended periods of time.
But my mommy calls me special
Thank you for taking me into your home, because sometimes after a storm I get swept on to the sand
And I am not a sea horse so I can’t cling on to the sea weed to stay safe.

Gorillacorn unirilla
By Ellie C

“Honey, Honey TAKE THE PICTURE!”
“Of course darling, let’s just wait until it turns------- do you know what that is?”
“No, should I?
“This awesome animal is the gorillacorn unirilla!”
“Should I be interested?”
“Just look at it, the body of a gorilla and the horn of a unicorn!!”
“Honey, let’s get a move on.”
“Can I just go tame it? The maidens used to do that!”
“I hope you know maidens are girls.”
“I do!”
“Why would you want to tame it?!”
“It’s horns have power and I hear their fur is super oober soft!! Ahh yay, here I go! I’m just gonna go touch it! Be right back!”
“ When did I marry a nerd? HONEY, HURRY UP!”
“I-I don’t think it liked me honey… it gave me a little cut.”
“What let me----- OMG, you call that little!! Hospital, NOW!”
“But-but the unirilla gorillacorn!”
“Forget about the uni-somthin somethin! COME ON!”

By: Mina A

There is a small marsupial
Sitting in the eucalyptus tree
Eating the small green leaves
And exploring the lands of South Australia
People sometimes like them and some say they are ugly
Some at first glance think they are wombats
And many think they are sloths
But this cute little creature could only be a

Wild Snorlax

By: Lauren C

A wild Snorlax appeared!
Ohh no its waking up and its devouring everything in site!
It doesn’t maker what food it just ate rotten, moldy, noooooo it just ate my dinner.
A wild Snorlax appeared!
Oww ofh it(cough whezze)just sat on me.
This thing must weigh 1,000 pounds!
He just ate the rat poison!
He must be able to eat anything!
His arms are so short but he can still grab his food and devour it!
His feet are huge but he can still balance?!
Caught them! (whezze) now I’ll just slide the cage to the cornerand call animal contr…
(hears ransacking in kitchen) oh no here we go again…0__o
external image Snorlax.png

Mountain Goat
Nikhil P

I, am the King of The World on this mountain.
I look down over my kingdom and see that everything is good.
I am dominant. Any other animal of my kind who challenges me will be shown no mercy in battle.
As I look over my kingdom, I feel like the most majestic being in the world.
Wait, what is that!
A goat wants to challenge me!
As we slowly move in circles, we eye each other.
I, of course, being the strongest, make the first move. I charge at him with all my power. We clash horns.
Wait, what is this! He doesn’t budge!
Then, he clashes into me.
Instantly, I am defeated.
He takes his spot on his throne on the highest part of the mountain, and proudly lays down to rest.
I, however, slowly walk to my spot of shame, which I usually go to when I am defeated every hour or so.

Aaron B

Clownfish A.K.A Nemo

We live in the ocean but not the Atlantic.
We snuggle in the anemone and eat small invertebrates.
We hate the outside world.
It is scary.
We don't like to leave home.
This reason is because our home protects us.
We are very small.

Fennec fox
By: Cyrus B

I long ears and a small body
I am the national animal of Algeria
I am going to die soon
But I’ll stay with you
Don’t put me with a dog or a cat
They’ll eat me
I am very small
By about one year old I’m as big as your hand
And then when I’m fourteen I’m as big as a regular fox
And I at fourteen …

Charlie B

external image iguana.jpg

Iguanas have excellent vision and can see shapes, shadows, colors and movement at long distances, and that`s why I can`t get away from them
Those mysterious creatures possess a dewlap, a row of spines running down their back to their tail and a third "eye" on their head.
They follow me everywhere, I can`t get away from the amazing creatures
The tympanuam is the iguana's ear drum, and is located above the sub tympanic shield and behind the eye; it is also their secret weapon
They hear everything… they can hear a fly think about thinking about thinking.
How will I get away?


Eating tree leaves and buds
many of the plants that we eat
are poisonous to you humans
many Europeans in Africa called us
African Unicorns
we are now know as
Okapia johnstoni

By: Elise S

Giraffes Poem
By, Sarah K

There are nine species of Giraffe
Sometimes this makes me laugh
The giraffe has an extremely elongated neck
But sometimes I just have to check
Male giraffes use their necks as weapons in combat
I hope they don't interfere with a wombat

The Liger-4/6/12

Sarah Kr

I’m a Liger, a big, huge Liger.

I love swimming with my lady ligress,

Spending time with my parents is fun too,

But I’ve grown so much bigger than them,

Like A LOT bigger, sometimes they look like food.

Being a liger is hard, we have been known to be a-

Mythical animal, unreal!

It hurts to know I’m very fake to some people,

Oh the joys of being a liger.

By: Olivia O

Pigs in the wild eat grasses, leaves, flowers, and roots,
They also eat lots of fruits.
But sadly to say,
Pigs are farmed in a way,
To be eaten as pork,
With a fork.

Cat Nap
Ms. Filas

Your eyes tell me stories every time
Dark cool marbles reflecting secrets
Of when you were small and chased and cornered
Of when there was never enough to eat
Of how nobody ever really looked at you

You stretch slow rolling on your back
Giving me your soft belly like a gift
And we are calm and still and warm
And we are comfortable and content
And we close our eyes and sleep

By: Emma G
Unicorn- (animal poem)

Unicorns are fake
Unicorns are magical
But I still like them

the cobra by-michael t
King cobras are the largest snakes
In the world so don't ever get near one if u do they'll use their
Neurotoxins and thats
Going to hurt. the
Cobra is biggest
Of any living snake so
Be car full of its
Razor sharp fangs of death